Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry consists of spiritual filled members who are responsible for the evangelical leadership of the church. Missionaries attend to the needs of the sick and shut-ins of the church. And support the physical and spiritual needs of persons, both home and abroad.


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry’s mission is to praise, worship and present the Gospel in song to prepare worshippers to receive the message. Our mission is also to develop vocal talent, and to be available to accompany the Pastor on outreach ministries.


Senior Ministry

The Faithful Seniors will endeavor to be strong and Christ-like, to pray fervently, to grow spiritually, and to teach the younger women how to love, nurture and provide care for their family.


Flower Circle Ministry

The mission of the Flower Circle Ministry is to beautify the church (both inside and outside) with seasonal flowers and floral arrangements, to send cards to members who are sick or in bereavement, and to serve as flower bearers at homegoing services.


Chronicle Newsletter Ministry

The mission of the Chronicle Newsletter Ministry is to issue a newsletter periodically to Village Baptist Church members, organizations and visitors. The newsletter will contain news of recent developments, upcoming meetings and events.


Guidem Dance Ministry

Our purpose is to experience and enhance the ministry by interpreting through music, song, and dance the meaning of God’s Word, His plan, and his love for His people. GUIDEM’s whole mission is to help bring souls to the fold of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


New Creations Youth Ministry

Our mission is to help youth of Village Baptist Church develop spiritually, utilizing four major elements; knowledge, worship, fellowship and expression.


Ann Paige Willing Workers Ministry

To develop, enhance, promote, involve and education our members to glorify Christ through witnessing, caring and sharing. It will focus on special projects for the church as the needs are identified. We also sponsor Black History in February, by inviting notable leaders to speak on their accomplishments and they have impacted our community.


Pastor’s Aide Ministry

The mission of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to maintain the Pastor’s cleric garments and accessories, coordinates celebrations for the Pastor and provide assistance to the Pastor as requested.


Christian Education Ministry

The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to educate and equip Christians with the tools for effective Bible study, and to apply these principles in our daily lives.


Sunday School Ministry

The mission of the Sunday School Ministry is to develop and promote Christian growth through Bible teaching, Bible reading, Bible studying, and biblical discussions.


Women’s Ministry

The mission of the Women’s Ministry is to enhance the women’s spiritual growth and to promote a sense of sisterliness among the women of the congregation.


Youth Choir Ministry

The Youth Choir’s mission is to train children’s voices for the purpose of enhancing worship services by praising God and by sharing the Gospel through song.


Nurses Ministry

The Nursing Unit’s mission is to provide aid and comfort to those in physical and emotional distress during fellowship services.


Culinary Ministry

The mission of the Culinary Ministry is to provide nourishment for the members and visitors during special days such as the church cookout, Family and Friends Day Annual Day, and funeral repasts.


Senior Ushers Ministry

The mission of the Senior Ushers Ministry is to help worshippers be seated comfortably into the service, and to assist in greeting members and visitors with a warm, hospitable smile.


Young Adults and Junior Usher Ministry

The mission of the Young Adults and Junior Ushers Ministry is to help worshippers be seated comfortably into the service, and to assist in greeting members and visitors with a warm, hospitable welcome.


Scholarship Ministry

The mission of the Scholarship Ministry is to provide information, financial support through fundraising events, and guidance to members of Village Baptist Church who plan to attend an educational institution beyond high school. The member will attend a specialized educational or technical training school, a community college, or a four year college or university.


The Security Ministry

The Security Ministry’s mission is to provide an atmosphere of security by guarding the premises, and assisting worshippers, and addressing parking concerns.


Outreach Social Ministry for Seniors

The mission of the Outreach Ministry is to create spiritual and nurturing activities for the Seniors and to encourage Christian love and fellowship.



The mission of the Audio/Video Ministry is to coordinate the use of sound systems for the church services and special events, to train staff and supervise maintenance of equipment, record church services and special events, and to provide audio visual recordings for the sick and homebound as requested.


Administrative Staff

The Administrative Staff’s mission is to support the church in its daily business activities, and to record, report, and to disseminate the news and events of the church.